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Cheese Production

From small plants up to the larger units processing many thousands of litres /day, ARSOPI studies, designs and assembles all the equipment for cheese production.
Although specialised mostly in manufacturing equipment for ripened cheese (different shapes), ARSOPI is also prepared to supply equipment for the manufacturing of fresh cheese. 
Application: milk processing into cheese, cheese handling, brine, ripening and final cheese treatment (plasticoat application, labelling, etc.)
Adjustable capacity and level of automation suitable for each situation.
 Manual open cheese vats, capacity up to 1.000 litres.
 Mechanized open cheese vats, (mixing and cutting), capacity between 1.000 and 10.000 liters.
 Fully automatic closed cheese vats (different capacities).
 Positive pumps
 Pre-pressing vessels
 Presses (vertical and horizontal)
 Lid placing machines on moulds with cheese 
 Lid removing machines from moulds with cheese
 Mould turning machine with cheese
 Cheese removing machine from moulds
 Moulds and lids washing machine
 Silos to store moulds with lid
 Conveyors for cheese and lids handling 
 Ripening cheese
ARSOPI supplies the most sophisticated and efficient equipment for cheese ripening chambers. Besides the strict temperature and relative humidity control, it's also possible to control the air speed inside the ripening chamber.
 Final cheese treatment
ARSOPI supplies equipment and solutions for complete and automatized cheese treatment lines. 

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