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The Quality, Safety and Environment are critical points to the success of ARSOPI. Certificated since 1993, nowadays we operate a management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

We are also certified for the production of equipment in accordance with
European Directive 97/23/CE
ASME Section VIII Division 1 – U stamp

AD Merkblatt W0
AD Merkblatt HP0

We are very proud with the quality of our products, proved with the fulfillment of an "Inspection and Test Plan" issued for the production of each equipment.

Our Quality Control has qualified means and technicians to implement effectively the "Inspection and Test Plan" performing activities that can range from dimensional control of small parts with tight tolerances (μm) in 3D measuring machine, until the proof of an alignment deviation less than 2mm in an equipment with a length of 80m using optical means or even leak tightness or pressure tests up to 1000 bar.

In metallurgical and metallographic field we have equipments and qualified technicians to perform chemical analysis by optical emission spectrometry (in the laboratory) or by RX Fluorescence (PMI) up to metallographic analysis or corrosion tests (Strauss Test, Huey Test)
In the mechanical tests, we regularly perform from a simple bending or tension test, to impact tests at the liquid nitrogen temperature of (-196 °C) or complex "Mock-ups" endurance tests of tubular plates.
In what concerns the Non-Destructive Tests, we have the means and qualified operators (EN 473 and SNT-TC-1A) to perform
Penetrant Liquid
Magnetic Particles
Industrial Radiography

For Industrial Radiography, we have RX equipment up to 300 KV and also modern equipment for Digital Radiography.


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