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Facilities and Equipments

With a total area of 141.500m2 and a covered of 35.000m2, ARSOPI is equipped with modern machines of large capacity and with experienced professionals always ready to meet the toughest requirements in the construction of equipment for the different areas.

In order to manufacture equipment weighing approximately 180 tons and measuring 60 meters length, we are equipped with high-tech equipment, including:

Cranes with unit capacities between 5 and 80 ton.

Lathes with capacity up to 8000mm between centers and 6000mm diameter

CNC machining centers

Several milling machines

Drilling machines (radial and column)

Milling and boring machines floor type with maximum capacity in vertical displacement of 2.500mm and 11.000mm in horizontal displacement

Fixed automatic laser, plasma and oxy-cutting installations, capacity up to150 mm, in stainless steel and carbon steel

Bundle cut equipment up to maximum diameter of 2.000mm

Bending machines, capacity U 360mm

Rolling machines with maximum capacity: 3000 x 85 x diam. min. 990 mm

Tube bending machines: capacity 5 ½”

Machines for automatic execution of heads, capacity up to 5200mm diameter, 32mm thickness in cold fabrication. Maximum diameter in special fabrication: 12000mm

High number of welding equipment, including: plasma, submerged arc, synergic M.I.G., M.I.G., T.I.G., resistance welding, manual with electrode for continuous and alternate power, orbital tube to tubesheet and pipe to pipe.

Welding positioners (rolls and plates): more than 20 positioners between 13 and 240 ton.

2 Heat treatment furnaces: Electric 3600x2400x100mm, Gas 8000x5200x4000mm

Separated blasting cabinets for surface treatment of carbon and stainless steel.

Other several equipment: saws, shears, oxy-cutter machines, press brakes, presses, automatic tube and plate polishing machines, equipment for tube expansion, etc.

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